This is what you have been waiting for...

Live Reporting

We Provide Complete Visibility with our LIVE Activity Report

100% transparency through live single pane reporting

Accountability through in depth real time notes.

Simple and Complete Communication.


  • – 100% transparency through live single pane reporting
  • – Complete visibility into notes ensuring accountability
  • – In-depth notes provided for maximum feedback.

“We fixed the biggest challenge vendors have when passing leads, opportunities, or renewals to a partner”

What is the GNS Difference?

Average Partner

  • Zero to Little Communication on opportunity passed
  • Lack of transparency
  • No Accountability
  • 1 touch, possibly only an email, poor effort
  • Don’t know who is working opportunity



  • Live Reporting on EVERY Opportunity
  • 100% Transparency into our notes on each opportunity
  • Full Accountability, we show you everything
  • 12+ touches to end user…. Calls and emails
  • Our live report shows the GNS rep working the account

The Difference

  • 1 Report With all the opps visible from a single pane
  • Report Shows our rep, opp name, Last touch, all notes, amount of touches, and status… Not Quoted, Quoted, Lost, Won
  • All notes on EVERY call, and live, up to the minute
  • We don’t quit, we work relentlessly to close every opportunity.
  • Always know who call to discuss an account…no getting passed around a queue.

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