While virtualization may be a new concept to many, it is actually an old practice – at least in the technology world. At its simplest level, virtualization allows a single computer to do the job of many computers. The term often used is “virtual machine (VM).” Why is this important? Virtualization technology can save money and simplify IT operations. Virtualization also represents a technology framework by which all IT infrastructures will run in the future.

Virtualization is not just for the Fortune 500 anymore. SMBs are rapidly adopting virtualization and achieving significant benefits in a number of areas. Specifically, SMBs are seeing improvements in:

  1. Time spent on routine IT administrative tasks
  2. Backup and data protection
  3. Application availability
  4. Ability to respond to changing business needs
  5. Business continuity preparedness
  6. Company profitability and growth rate

For small and midsized organizations, virtualization provides excellent economies of scale to get more processing with less cost. Your organization should carefully review how virtualization can help improve operations and reduce cost. Virtualization is also designed to enable a generation of more energy-efficient computing. Check out our top award-winning virtualization solutions partners below.

VMware Dell
IBM Citrix
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