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Guardian Network Solutions is a value-added reseller which is created to fill a void in the quality of service that the VSB (very small business) customers are getting. We have heard the market loud and clear and we strive to insist that they never experience long wait times and being treated like they are insignificant. Many other resellers such as LARs are great companies, but they do not focus on the small business like we do. Our whole company is based around helping small businesses secure their network. We compare ourselves to the University vs. Community College example. At a university you are a number and at a community college you are a name and a person. No matter how small the company we take time to walk them through the process of securing their network. While our competitors ignore the 1 – 25 user base, we are a visionary leader in it. No one is better at helping a small business from A – Z in securing their network than Guardian Network Solutions.

Additionally we are known for our fast response time for mapping out networks and accurately quoting the customer in 3 to 5 min. With that, during work hours, we ALWAYS answer our phones.

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