What is the cloud? The cloud is the computer network that holds all of your digital data everything from contact, documents, and music. Cloud computing is like renting a furnished home where you don’t have to worry about where you get the furniture and storage space for your stuff. In reality cloud computing is the technical means through which everything can be delivered to you as a service via the internet, accessible from any device, anyplace, anytime.

Cloud computing represents a significant advancement in the provisioning and use of Information Technology (IT) resources. You can think of the cloud as a gigantic, invisible server center in the sky where you can store unlimited amounts of data, use a myriad of applications and access all the software you need to run your business. The typical benefits of cloud computing are as follows:

  1. Cost savings and increased efficiency
  2. Freeing the Time of Technical Resources.
  3. Easier Maintenance and Increased Security
  4. Enhanced Sharing and Collaboration
  5. More Reliability