1) Do you only sell network security products?

– No. Although we promote ourselves as a network security provider, we do have the ability to provide quotes for multiple products when it comes to technology. Whether you are in need of computers, printers, switches, etc, we can get it for you.

2) What if we are not a small business, do you sell to large companies too?

– Yes. Our specialty exists in helping small businesses, however we have many larger organizations that we sell to as well.

3) How long will it take to receive my licenses?

– Average 3 – 5 days. It all depends on the manufacturer and product, however we expedite all of our orders to ensure that we get you your licenses in a timely manner. There are some products where you can expect the licenses to arrive within 24 hours.

4) My computers are vulnerable, What if I do not receive my licenses in the time I need them?

– We insist that before purchasing, you let us know exactly when you need your licenses. If we feel that we cannot deliver your licenses in a timely manner, we will get you temporary licenses to keep your users protected.

5) The product I purchased is having issues. Do you have product support?

– No. Currently we do not have product support in-house. However, you are granted product support with the manufacturer and we are always more than happy to give them a call with you on the phone to insist you are getting the support you need.

6) I do not have the time/resources to install my product can you do it?

– Yes. For software products, we do offer remote installation that is charged by the hour. Our installations are done by a certified engineer that has experience in the software to be installed. We do not offer hardware installation.

7) How will my software licenses be delivered?

– E-Mail. All license keys are delivered via electronic delivery, however upon request we are happy to send the boxed versions with additional shipping charges applied.

8) What do I do when my license keys are about to expire?

– We start reminding customers 3 months before their expiration date to prepare for a renewal or change of product. If you haven’t received a notice from us, call in to 855-819-3125, request a renewal quote, and we will order your keys when you’re ready.

9) My product will not work with my network. Can I request a refund from GNS?

– If you purchased software that was distributed electronically via e-mail, refunds are granted at the discretion of the manufacturer for the product you purchased. We will only grant refunds to customers that 1) have a RMA number from the original product manufacturer or 2) the software or hardware purchased has not been opened, activated, or installed. For more information please refer to our Return Policy.

10) I installed the software I purchased from GNS on my network. Can GNS help me with configuration and troubleshooting?

– No. All questions or issues regarding your product can be answered by the manufacturer of the product you purchased. Depending on the level of support you purchased with the product, the product manufacturer will guide you. For some manufacturer support numbers and installation guides visit our Support Center.

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