Being proactive is a lot easier than being reactive when it comes to small business IT solutions. Backup and recovery software essentially automates the protection of your system or server’s files so that your information is not at the mercy of the life of the system containing it.

Unforeseeable problems such as fire, floods, viruses, theft, or corruption are just a few of the disasters that can a strike a business. And because data equals money, data needs to be protected, somehow, someway either backed up and/or replicated on or off site. There are many alternatives to data recovery systems. No matter the size, all organizations need to consider having some type of a data recovery system in case a disaster strikes.

As you may know, there are many data migration solutions that are available for backing up and restoring data including virtualization. Now GNS offers the backup and recovery solutions that are right for your organization or home. Our product lines includes multiple top brand names providing the best in capacity, reliability, extensibility, speed, and cost. Check out our award-winning line of the best data migration solutions partners below.

Retrospect Acronis
StorageCraft ABS
Veritas Veeam

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